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Unfortunately we can't show the game as it relies on JavaScript which appears to be disabled on your browser.

NexTag is part of the Metadata Games suite, an online game system for gathering useful data on photo, audio, and moving media artifacts.

How to Play

  • Enter tags describing this image - a tag is a keyword or short phrase associated with an image and can contain up to 64 alphanumeric letters and spaces.
  • Use commas and a space to separate tags (EX: Aldrich park, graduation, students, 1968)
  • There is no tag limit or time limit, so enter as many tags as you can! More tags = more points
  • When done tagging, press Enter key or click red "+".

How to Score

  • New tags that have not been entered by another user get 1 point
  • Tags that match a tag entered by another user get 3 points

software developed by tiltfactor